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Blind Sweet Dessert Keychain Box

Blind Sweet Dessert Keychain Box

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Are you feeling lucky today? 🍰
Let these Blind Sweet Dessert Keychain Boxes surprise you with the sweetest desserts! Inspired by some of our favourite Asian desserts, these Sweet Dessert Keychains can be your best friends that come with you everywhere! Each keychain comes in a handmade dessert box

Each box contains one of these keychains:
🥭 Mango Pudding
🍧 Melon Bingsoo
💜 Ube Rollcake
🍠 Sweet Potato Cake
🍓 Matcha Strawberry Cake

✿ SIZE 2" x 2"
✿ FINISH Front side glitter epoxy
✿ MATERIAL Acrylic

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